Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2NE1 releases "I Love You" MV teaser

After releasing the image teasers and audio teasers, 2NE1 has released the MV teaser for their upcoming single "I Love You."  Containing elements from all four audio teasers, the MV teaser has a montage of 2NE1's members.

Although the MV has not been released yet (many fans were expecting the release today), the single has been released.   You can buy it here on iTunes.

Source: 2NE1 Official Youtube

Wonder Girls release first teaser for "Like Money"

Wonder Girls have released the first teaser for their upcoming single "Like Money."  Set in a futuristic world, Wonder Girls will be making an MV and song different in style than any MV or songs they have done before.  Wonder Girls are still in the stages of promoting their song "Like This" -- it already seems like "Like Money" will be popular as well (over 1,600 likes in 2 hours).

"Like Money" is set to be released July 10th.  

Led Apple releases "Run To You" MV

Led Apple has released the MV for their newest single "Run To You."  With great instrumental abilities and awesome vocals, Led Apple makes their comeback with "Run To You."  Set on a pier-like stage, Led Apple's "Run To You" is perfect for summer.

Source: LOEN Entertainment Youtube

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2NE1 releases Bom's teaser for "I Love You"

After releasing Dara and CL's audio teaser, 2NE1 has released Park Bom's audio teaser for 2NE1's upcoming song "I Love You."  Bom's signature lisp and powerful vocals really make this teaser.  So far, each member has released a teaser with a different style attached, leaving fans (like me) really confused as to what "I Love You" will actually sound like.

"I Love You" will be released July 5th.

Source: 2NE1 Official Youtube

ZE:A releases "Aftermath" MV

ZE:A has released the MV for "Aftermath" after teasing their fans in every which way possible.  "Aftermath" seems much more cheery than what the teaser images suggested, but mimics the teaser videos that were released.